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We will accomplish God's will

Pastor Kruger healing cancer

Pastor Frederic joins the WCC

Building New Churches

Pastor Laone's Reflections

The Jews should accept Jesus

Africa under the threat of Ebola and unbelief

Pastor Luis: "In certain tribes

Pastor Bruno from Brazil

God wants China to Rejoice

So what color was Jesus?

The WCC might provide

As WCC spreads the Word of Christ

The President of the WCC Camp

Pastor Randy: "I was born

Missionaria Maria Antonia

Pastor Kalume wants to knock out the subversives.

Pastor Francisco is proud

Miracle in North Carolina

Pr. Kruger broke his hand while performing a miracle in Africa.

WCC struggle for a better world

Sister Christy thanks the Lord

Pastor Luis: "Homosexuality

WCC helps Sarah Yobovitch

A graphic artist, after animating

Brother Al's reflections

of the new decoration donated to his church in Manaus.

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